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Excellent....My son is Diagnosed ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome, He loves the PC educational games. Keep up the good work. :-)
Peter, England

I want to thank you for the easy download so wonderful educational games. My twin boys don't have ADD/ADHD, they have autism and your games are just great. <blush> I have to admit that I play them often myself.
Joann, USA

What a wonderful site! I have a son with adhd and your games are great for him, although I must say the games and screensavers keep me and my other two children as fully entertained. THANK YOU!
Carla, USA

I work with ADHD children in a special education school. My students enjoy very much your software specially: Mini Golf, Pairs and Marble Buster. Please continue your wonderful work!
Rami, Israel

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Welcome to Grey Olltwit Educational Software. We are a non profit charity providing all our 200 plus titles for free, to those on low incomes, schools on tight budgets and certain charities. For those that can afford it, we charge a one off, life membership fee for our website, to download our software and include a free CD or DVD of all our applications.

Visit our free flash games website at where PC and Mac users alike can enjoy many of our titles in online flash format. Advertising revenue and membership fees for those that can afford it, now helps to support both our non profit charities and Grey Olltwit Educational Software.

New for 2012/2013 is our free online educational games website. Our educational titles are being transfered to a flash format for playing online in our new learning area, GOOPLA.NET Grey Olltwit's Online Personal Learning Area

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Educational Software Educational Software - 70 specific educational software applications covering subjects from the curriculum including Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Information Technology, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.
Educational Games Educational Games - 66 educational games to help with improving skills such as memory, reaction times, fine motor skills, understanding direction and angles, logical thinking, problem solving, strategy and forward planning.
Utilities Software Utilities Software - 23 simple, useful, utility applications to make tasks easier both in your life and on your computer, including graph making software, calorie and carbohydrate counters, block text replacer, stopwatch, photo viewer, mp3 player and many more.
Screen Savers Screen Savers - 80 fun and attractive screen savers to brighten up your computer with subjects including wildlife, cartoon characters, musicians, famous people and more.
Desktop Backgrounds Desktop Backgrounds - Lots of free photographs and pictures to cover and personalise your computer's background.
Free Software Free Software - A number of our educational software applications, games and utility programs are free, so try them out here. They are full versions and not demos, time limited or feature restricted like most supposed free software these days.
Free Screen Savers Free Screen Savers - Many of our screen savers are free so check out this section if it's screen savers you want. Like the free software above they are full versions and not demos, time limited or feature restricted.

All our software above is available on a single DVD or CD

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All the applications on this site are originals made by Grey Olltwit Software and are for PCs running Windows 95 or above e.g. Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 including 64 bit (Mac users click here). If you have a wireless tablet pc that doesn't run Windows, then many of my programmes are now online flash versions at and For more information please see the Help file.

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free educational software DVD

100% Genuine Feedback

Hi there Grey, I just found your site today and am already FLABBERGASTED!! My son doesn't have ADD/ADHD but he is a borderline case. He loves the games I downloaded. I am sure they will be of great help!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! May God bless you and your hard work, keep it up. I will return!
Christina, Germany

A fantastic site. Your educational games have given my daughter hours of fun! As a teacher I have taught ADHD children and will defo use this site for them in the future
Mike, UK

These are great games and a great site.My nephew suffers from adhd and is a handful for my sister. To top it off his 3 year old sister was recently found to have adhd as well. keep up the good work and keep putting other sites to visit. They enjoy it for hours and now i give your games to everyone that comes over with kids. you're a real hit in this neck of the woods. thanks and good luck with your future projects.
Antonio, Canada

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